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Welcome to the Studio

I guess its time to use my skills gained over many years of potting to express my inspirations from around the Garth mountain area. I was born in Church Village and lived for many years the other side of the mountain at a village called Efail Isaf where in fact I had a pottery. I now reside in Gwaelod Y Garth. A leafy village surrounded by captivating nature that I now hope to express in my pottery

All pottery pieces are handmade on a Potters wheel or Jigger


Downloadable PDF files

Lettered jugs

Various size jugs with various text

Wind and Wuthering wares

A range of  wares with wind  swept trees and birds.

Oil Burners.

A selection of decorative cut out designs.

More.. More.. More..


Lettered mugs with your choice

    of wording.



All pottery is handmade

Home from home mugs


Cardiff Girl
Cardiff boy
Gwaelod Girl
Ponty Boy
Gwaelod Boy
London Girl
New York Boy
London Boy
Tongwynlais Girl